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    Unlimited Spaţiu
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    4GB Memorie
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    500GB Spaţiu
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    5TB Lățime de bandă
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    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
Dedicated Server
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    8GB Memorie
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    1TB Spaţiu
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    10TB Lățime de bandă
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    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
Dedicated Server
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    4 Miezuri
  • Berbec
    16GB Memorie
  • DISC
    1TB Spaţiu
  • DATE
    15TB Lățime de bandă
  • IPS dedicat
  • Panouri
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
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  • Sistem de operare
  • Procesor
    1 Miezuri
  • Berbec
    1GB Memorie
  • DISC
    40GB Spaţiu
  • DATE
    1TB Lățime de bandă
  • IPS dedicat
  • Panouri
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
$ /Perioadă necunoscută
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  • Sistem de operare
  • Procesor
    2 Miezuri
  • Berbec
    4GB Memorie
  • DISC
    90GB Spaţiu
  • DATE
    3TB Lățime de bandă
  • IPS dedicat
  • Panouri
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
$ /Perioadă necunoscută
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  • Sistem de operare
  • Procesor
    4 Miezuri
  • Berbec
    8GB Memorie
  • DISC
    120GB Spaţiu
  • DATE
    4TB Lățime de bandă
  • IPS dedicat
  • Panouri
    CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
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1 TB 16 GB 15 TB linux server plane 5 4 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
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40 GB 1 GB 1 TB linux server plane 1 1 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
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90 GB 4GB 3 TB linux server plane 2 2 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
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120 GB 8 GB 4 TB linux server plane 2 4 CPanel, CentOS Web Panel
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Jan 23, 2011 09:20
They are good for cost and what they provide but be warned, they are ALWAYS down!! It stinks that I am always trying to get to my website to find out that it 1. does not load, 2. has some error page 3. just stops and never goes off of page that I am currently on. They have a chat where you can speak to their help but all they will say is, "our tech people are working on it" or "we have no idea when it will be back up." I understand servers have issues but ipage is always down. And sometimes it will be 3-4 days at a time. I think since this happens WAY too often they need to do something on their end so it won't happen.

Jan 22, 2011 09:56
IPAGE sucks!! Do NOT use them - anyone else is better! They are constantly down - I have run big promotions on my blog only to have it crash just when I needed it up the most. I am switching hosts after 3 months because they are LOSING me money!


Jan 08, 2011 08:33
I am a smaller company, so for me Ipage has been great. Their customer service has always been excellent, and for the most part I deal w/the same person every time, b/c I dial their extension. I have noticed that an email sent from my other personal accounts to my business account has quite a delay, so in that aspect not so great. Their control panel used to manage your own website can be difficult. if you have no experience or knowledge of web design. Overall right now, I am happy my service w/ Ipage. We will see as my business grows, if it will still be satisfactory.


Dec 19, 2010 02:01
Not recommended at all for Wordpress sites, slow ftp and slower response times... the same issue is with GoDaddy... I'm still looking for a reliable host under 5 bucks... :(

The site went down 4-5 times in a year...

Dec 07, 2010 06:17
iPage is ALWAYS having issues!! I cannot count the number of times there is a "database error" or it cannot connect. Last month there was an entire weekend where none of the sites were accessible and now they are having problems again! I'm sorry ipage but this is ridiculous!!


Nov 27, 2010 10:18
Okay ipage will it works like this if you have a small site they will love you and you will like them. I it's easy to use control panel, and they are up almost all the time. However If you have a site that uses a lot of memory they will shut you down quickly. I designed a lot of sites and i used a lot of server hosts, for example i have four sites with ipage.com for now. There terms of agreement states that they can shut you down when they feel like it. (User agreement part 18) They state that you may use as much memory as long you have it liked to the site that is a lie. The customer supports are rude and they may close the phone on you if they don't want to deal with your problem. Truly the only thing about this company they have a great control panel. My advice is to find other host ...

Rich Saenz

Nov 22, 2010 06:26
crazy slow loading for a simple blog site that gets 3 hits a day. I like cpanel (for customer that wanted to make own site mods) but the site load is torture.


Nov 21, 2010 08:50
Their entire hosting platform is down since last 48 hours. Sites don't load at all or only partially loads without images. I have been with iPage since last 6+ months. The essential plan is the cheapest plan on the net @35$. But with cheapness in price comes cheapness in service. If you have a serious blog or site please choose better ones than ipage. While for me i have learnt my lesson and i am definately going to pay 3-4 times more for hosting next time .
System Notice for iPage Customers
UPDATE 12pm EDT: Website Unavailable

We apologize for the time that it is taking to restore your sites back to "read/write" status. We have opted to keep the sites in "read" only mode while we make the nec...

Chandra Kishore

Nov 21, 2010 08:44
This is my big mistake that i purchased hosting plan from ipage.com. Their server was toooo slow that wordpress unable to take speed. I also hosted on Hostgator which i am running ecommerce website on shared hosting and it is running soo fast that i don't want to use CDN.

Ipage customer support are very poor they never give you support only say do your own work. I lost my $35 for one year hosting and within 3 month i move my wordpress to hostgator. You can also see this status on screenshot - http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/9964/hgipagestatus.jpg and you can think about that how both hosting have different speed. NEVER EVER BUY IPAGE AGAIN. VERY BAD EXPERIENSE.


Nov 20, 2010 01:01
IPage has issues with uptime. Seems about every quarter there is some outage issues. Take today for example. My site has been down for over an hour and a half and still counting.

Tech support is good, but what good are they when they cant explain why they have outages?

Google Adwords and all marketing ventures have to now be manually paused to avoid losing money on empty clicks to no where.

I am considering moving to a more stable provider.


Oct 10, 2010 09:24
I signed up with iPage and made a mistake in my email. They needed a copy of a government id sent to them to prove who I am blahblah. After dealing with this and not being able to get into my account for about a week I decided to cancel with them, I was told I would get a refund in 7 - 10 business days. After 15 days still hadnt received the full refund as stated so I emailed them again. Oh there was a glich in their system and it has now been cancelled and everything deleted was the answer. I never even used their pathetic system. Anyway I have to wait another 7 -10 business days to receive the full refund. When I signed up I ended up with a bill for around $67 so much for the $3 plus a month for 6 months service. I changed hosts because I was having an issue with my old one and found ...


Jul 29, 2010 12:23
I see a lot of negative reviews here for iPage, but to be honest I've been with them for a couple of months, and while it's not perfect, I feel I'm getting a good value.


First: Unlimited space and bandwidth. I do not use a lot of both, but I like to know I will not be overcharged for extra if I go above a certain limit. This is of course not meant to host files not related to the website or to host a big website, it's for small companies and personal websites.

Second: Running time. My previous server was always down, with iPage it happened twice for only a couple of minutes since I'm with them. For the price I'm paying it is acceptable, I'm not the only one using the server after all.

Third: unlimited databases (mySQL) and the ability to use many PHP applic...

Bonnie Jay

Jan 24, 2011 07:10
Horrible web hosting. Slow loading, down a lot and nearly destroyed my websites. Just awful, and no service at all. Tech support is in some other country and they just repeat boilerplate platitudes. They are inept and incompetent beyond belief. AVOID iPAGE.com
Super slow and terrible service.


Jul 17, 2010 07:10
Dishonest. Advertise money back guarantee with not strings or fees attached and then when cancel charge a $35 cancellation fee. Cannot trust their advertising and customer service is apathetic and not helpful

Jul 10, 2010 02:19
I've been a customer for 2 months. Time outs occurred at the beginning once, then twice. Today is the last time. Driver Error.


Jun 28, 2010 03:09
Yes, Ipage sucks. I bought their package last week, which they said was php compatible over chat. Then got on to the user page and found out their "drop & drag" was Weebly (which is free and not php compatible), and their other template service was free for the first 9 pages, after that was a monthly service fee (I have over 200 pages to transfer). I could get both services for free online without paying Ipage. What on earth did I pay for in the first place??? Then they wouldn't refund me my SEO package that I paid extra for even though they have a 100% money back guarantee during the first 30 days. I just bought it a few days ago and never used anything! They said they didn't refund products. I told them that I wanted my product then, and they said once I canceled, ...

Steven P

Jun 09, 2010 01:17
I found iPage through cNet. Cnet’s rating said you could complete your transaction completely online. Not true. They didn’t have a function to open an account unless you register a new domain or want to transfer a domain. No. I control the domains. I’ve been burned way too many times when I want to transfer.

So, I took cNet’s word, and contacted iPage. The only time I ever reached them was to give them a credit card number. I never received an email with login info, I never was able to reach a human on the phone, I tried their “chat” but no one home…I sent them two emails from their form…and nothing.

It’s four days later, and I found another host. I have to dispute the charges with my credit card.

Thanks iPage. You suck.

cNet, you suck.


May 15, 2010 11:09
i think i page has some of the best stuff around,,but i was lied to when setting up my site with them,,when i set it up i asked what all i needed so i wouldn't have any problems,them looked at what i had and said i would never have a problem..well thats not true i started with them in nov of 09 an now its may of 10.....and my smf which is a forum site for posting stuff..has gone down 20 times or better..when i call them to fix it,i am told that i need to go to the partner site and get there service so it won't happen anymore..i asked why it happens,and they say to many people are using there server at one time..i am not happy.i have lost people from my site..and i just wanted to give a warning before anyone else uses them.


May 09, 2010 07:30
Ipage really sucks. My website was 5- 10 times all days down and running slow. In the ipage support chat working people which don t know nothing they are saying all the time the same phrases. Horrible service and I will never sign up again! And I was also reading all the positive comments! But it is not true!


Apr 12, 2010 02:32
Had an account for a few months. We built a site which had only the three of us as visitors. Even so, the site kept dying; SQL connection errors, random timeouts and overall sluggishness. Tech support is useless - all they do is serve canned responses and 'elevate the issue to a higher level', only to resolve it a few hours later with no explanation whatsoever. They're cheap though and have a ton of options and extras, which is cool, but kind of useless if your website is dying with a few visitors a day. Avoid, unless you plan on having a simple website with virtually no PHP or other scripting. Mine was a basic Joomla site, maybe it'd work with something simpler though.


Feb 09, 2010 03:57
First off, if you search Google for ipage reviews DO NOT stop and read any of the top hits. I get the feeling those are paid (by ipage) advertising sites.

I signed up with iPage on a Thursday evening. I didn't receive any email at checkout. I didn't receive any notification at all that first night. Wondering what might be going on I got on the live chat with them on the next morning (Friday). Only then did they setup my account.

I had already looked on Thursday evening to see if the domain had been registered. It had but it had all my personal information showing. I had paid the extra amount to have privacy on the domain. They did fix that later but why should I have to run that down.

OK, they got me setup at this point. I loaded up my pages. Did some work for a we...


Dec 02, 2009 08:44

info: Thank you for contacting support.

Please be prepared to answer your Security Question when we begin chatting. To enhance our security protocols, we'll need you to provide the answer to your Security Question at the beginning of our conversation. If you have not yet set your Security Question and Answer, please log into your account now to set it up. Thank you.

Please hold for the next available operator to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Richard Morris'
Kenson: Hello, i am currently browsing hosts to switch to from godaddy.
Kenson: i would like to know, how good is your site security?
Richard Morris: Hi Kenson, my name is Richard, how are you today?
Kenson: im good
Richard Morris: Could you please provide me exac...


Sep 29, 2010 06:47
I signed up after reading some marketing pages that verified servers work with frontpage. Their support pages stated that Sharepoint should be used since frontpage is no longer supported. However, after following the exact instructions, and reinstalling extensions, I was not able to upload server. I also determined from support pages that they do not support some basic frontpage functions such as openweb (3rd party tool workaround). After 13 minutes on hold I was told to FTP my stie, but I refused since I want the benefits of sharepoint maintenence. I was finally told the website notes about sharepoint support are incorrect and I had to cancel my account immediately. I will monitor to make sure I get my refund back properly based on other comments.


Jan 27, 2011 10:25
Verry bad Hosting!

Proof with host-tracker:

Daily uptime:96.33% Downtime:52 min(s) 49 sec(s)
Daily uptime:98.85% Downtime:12 min(s) 60 sec(s)
Daily uptime:5.99% Downtime:22 hour(s) 33 min(s)
Daily uptime:0.00% Downtime:23 hour(s) 59 min(s)

Wanna buy this?


Jan 17, 2011 01:07
Customer Service is slow and unresponsive. Control panel keeps locking me out. I've reset my password 4 times in less than a month. It's frustrating to wait 20-30 minutes to get something resolved. I just don't have this kind of time.


Feb 02, 2011 02:30
eMails does not reach the receipants sending from iPage domain... the problem tickets opened till now are not resolved properly..

Mar 20, 2019 12:39
Stai departe!
Personalul de asistență tehnică din weekend nu știe dacă vin sau pleacă. Aveți ocazia să remediați problemele în timpul săptămânii, dar nu pot fi remediate ... A trebuit să sun de 5 ori pentru o mică problemă. Prețul este bun, dar primești ceea ce ai plătit ... Nu mi-aș reînnoi contul, chiar dacă m-ar plăti ...


Jan 29, 2015 10:07
Coșmar de reînnoire a domeniului
Ipage era o companie bună de găzduire, dar în ultimii ani au coborât. Asistență sigură este disponibilă 24 de ore pe zi, dar veți petrece cel puțin o oră la telefon, așteptând să primiți asistență, iar chat-ul online durează mai mult. Feriți-vă de ceea ce vă înscrieți, aceasta este o companie care va încerca să vă nicheleze și să vă dime până la moarte, inclusiv după cumpărare. Când vă conectați la panoul de control, vi se vor prezenta mai multe oferte pentru achiziționarea de servicii suplimentare. Va trebui să refuzați aceste oferte înainte de a ajunge la panoul de control. De asemenea, aveți grijă unde faceți clic în panoul de control, deoarece panoul de control este plin de reclame pentru servicii suplimentare. În final...


Aug 08, 2014 11:49
Timp de încărcare extrem de lent
Chiar dacă au prețuri foarte mici ipage STICKS când vine vorba de timpii de încărcare. M-am agățat de funcția de preț. Dar, așa cum se spune, primești pentru ce ai plătit.


Dec 12, 2012 06:28
Frontiere iPage cu privire la frauda cardului de credit
iPage se limitează la comiterea fraudei pe cardul de credit. Mi-am setat cu grijă conturile să se reînnoiască manual (să le setez să NU se reînnoiască automat) timp de doi ani la rând și totuși iPage mi-a debitat automat cardul de credit pentru a reînnoi serviciile de găzduire pentru fiecare an. A trebuit apoi să sun personalul iPage pentru a-i cere să-mi restituie cardul. Personalul iPage pare să nu-și pese niciodată de problemă și cardul nu va fi rambursat. Apoi, a trebuit să sun înapoi pentru a doua oară pentru a-mi recupera în cele din urmă banii pentru serviciile pe care nu intenționam să le achiziționez în primul rând. Aceasta înseamnă că iPage încarcă un card de credit pe care NU AU permisiunea de a-l folosi pentru servicii pe care clientul nu a fost de acord să le cumpere ...


Aug 10, 2012 10:45
Excelent doar pentru 1 domeniu - NU multipli
Dacă aveți mai multe site-uri de găzduit aici, nu se poate face fără asistență extinsă prin chat.

Chatpeople-urile de la ipage sunt minunate, probabil că nu este vorba, dar, totuși, nu există nicio modalitate prin care clientul dvs. să creeze și să găzduiască mai multe domenii acolo. Doar domeniul primar achiziționat prin ipage.com poate fi utilizat, nu există nicio modalitate de a crea chiar și indicatori simpli, deoarece NU există butoane oriunde pe site pentru indicatori sau subfoldere.

Avem multe conturi cu multe companii și nu am mai întâlnit această problemă până acum. Am plătit cu câțiva ani în avans doar pe baza recenziilor și a pretenției lor de a avea un milion de domenii. Ne pare rău, nu credem deloc acest număr. ...


May 04, 2012 08:11
Politica lor de rambursare publicitară este falsă ... citiți tiparul mic și mic !!! Nu-mi amintesc acolo când le-am cumpărat serviciul de găzduire, dar este acum ... chiar și așa, tactica lor este discutabilă. Am plătit 114,80 USD și, la scurt timp, am decis că mi-am pus mâna pe cap și am solicitat rambursarea. Au rambursat doar 54,00 USD ???? După mai multe încercări de a obține un motiv pentru rambursarea parțială, fiecare răspuns care indică răspunsul meu la întrebarea secretă a fost incorect ??, același răspuns EXACT dat înainte de a fi procesat rambursarea parțială ... brusc răspunsul este greșit ?? Ce înșelătorie. Bănuiesc că așa rămân în afaceri. Complementele la care m-am înscris au avut ca scop exclusiv ...

P Riehl

Feb 01, 2011 07:05
Disingenuous marketing, to say the least - the kind of people you do NOT want to trust.

To get a simple web hosting plan you have to wade through 5 or 6 screens of upselling, THEN once registered, you HAVE to move your domain name registration to them (which - surprise! - is probably more expensive than your existing registrar)...of course there's no warning of this ahead of time.

Then you cancel for your 'full money back refund' only to find that anything you purchased during the endless upselling is NOT refunded.

They're simply a bunch of con artists as far as I'm concerned. I went for Inmotion instead.


Sep 19, 2011 09:12
ipage începe să tusească de îndată ce
afirmațiile false despre lățimea de bandă nelimitată se opresc de îndată ce treceți peste 500 mb în 24 de ore, atât pentru lățimea de bandă nelimitată. voi, băieți, sunt mincinoși aiurea dacă doar ați fi fost la înălțimea voastră, oamenii ar rămâne cu afacerea voastră.

EZ design

Sep 02, 2011 03:27
ipage e de rahat
Am găzduit un site pentru clienți cu ipage și nu va funcționa așa cum ar trebui. Pot deschide anumite linkuri numai după ce am fost pe anumite pagini. exemplu: pot merge doar de la pagina bio la pagina de pornire. Nu pot ajunge la pagina principală în niciun alt mod.
Și găzduirea lor este extrem de lentă


Aug 21, 2011 08:39
Povestea ororii- iPage
iPage este de departe cea mai oribilă „companie” Am întâlnit vreodată. Există literalmente mii de reclamații pe internet de la oameni care au fost smulși de această înșelătorie a unei companii.

Vă taxează după anulare și apoi refuză să vă restituie banii furați.

Te mint mereu și iar.



Elvis Kasa

Aug 12, 2011 07:57
Bad bad baaaaaad hosting
A trebuit să-mi transfer conturile pe Host Gator. Nu aș recomanda ipage.com nimănui. Revizuirea este foarte importantă și este foarte important să le citiți înainte de a lua o decizie.


May 07, 2011 06:52
Aș putea avea un punct de contact pentru o persoană?
Aș putea avea un punct de contact pentru o persoană? în loc să trebuiască să repet aceeași problemă de mai multe ori, de fiecare dată când sun la asistență tehnică? un fel de „asistență tehnică personală” ca IXwebhosting?
Preț? = competitiv; Asistență pentru clienți = foarte bun, profesional, răbdător, dar oferă rezultate slabe. Vreau să rămân cu ipage. dar încep să cred că ar fi trebuit să trec la o altă companie de găzduire web
Când există bilete pentru probleme în șase zile .... și nu aud nimic de la Ipage ... mă face să mă întreb dacă am făcut alegerea corectă trecând la Ipage. Când achiziționez un serviciu vândut cu câteva clicuri ... și primești un ...


Apr 15, 2012 12:57
ipage e de rahat
Ipage tocmai mi-a facturat 128 USD, chiar dacă am anulat contul acum 1 an și la doar contactarea acestora, a trebuit să anulez contul astăzi și am informat că trebuie să plătesc taxa de anulare de 15 USD, chiar dacă data reînnoirii este în 3 săptămâni. Nu am folosit niciodată acest cont de la anulare. Escroci


Mar 30, 2011 12:41
OK, când am început cu ipage în 2009, nu am avut probleme de 6 luni, poate ... apoi totul a început să meargă prost
Primul server a coborât & amp; după câteva zile au recunoscut că au avut probleme, așa că mi-au dat un alt număr de server. A funcționat o vreme, dar multe probleme până în prezent.
Cel mai notabil, NU POȚI LOGIN LA NIMIC, inclusiv e-mailul meu, în urmă cu aproximativ 6 luni, am decis să le fac furnizorul meu prestabilit de e-mail prin intermediul site-ului meu web & amp; folosiți numai serviciul lor pentru e-mailurile mele. Din fericire am păstrat Gmail și pentru că, din cauza problemelor de conectare, nu am reușit să ajung la panoul meu de control sau la e-mailurile mele.
De asemenea, la un moment dat, recent am primit un alt server nou, ...

current ipage user

Mar 22, 2011 05:27
after getting my site back up in 3 days... (3 days of offline time), about 2 days passed and just realized that all my links are broken. dude... seriously stay away from ipage. My website is barely ever online and if it is online, it's usually broken...


Mar 19, 2011 08:59
Ipage has the slowest customer service response time. Ipage has slowest and worst customer service. My website was down for like 3 days and it took them 3 days to fix the dam small website that barely has any contents. Agents take forever to respond when I need to chat with them.

All the good reviews they have are PAID MARKETINGS. ipage also has 2 mb upload limit... which makes it impossible to build even a decent website. They also have 60 sec execution time which makes so that even if they increase it to 10 mb upload size limit, you can only upload 2mb in the end with the execution time limit. Oh and default is 2mb size limit... you have to ask and beg them to lift it to 10 mb. It's ridiculous. Do not use ipage hosting service. DO not use their sister company ipower ei...


Mar 07, 2011 03:01
Terribel service, constant outages and slow loading..

Butt...... they are cheap and you get what you pay for..


Mar 01, 2011 10:26
People need to know the businesses they use as much as businesses need to market to the right customers.

It looks like a lot of negative reviews are from people with low patience, high IT skills and a significant amount of material to host. If this is the case, then iPage may not be the best solution for massive quantities of website and email storage.

But smaller businesses and organizations may enjoy iPage's creative ways of establishing a system of plug-and-play software, freeware, open-source and a handful of useful tools that can be used - especially for a staff with limited IT skills or budget.

The price is a good value at $4.50 a month for the hosting package that includes a domain, emails, six-page website and so on. Sometimes it's lowered, depending on wha...

Mar 01, 2011 10:26
They say they offer unlimited email but they have qouta of 250MB per email account or 3000 email!

If you are runing a business or anything other than a hubby this is not yours, their sec 13 of their terms and condition opens the way to suspend your account if they like to at any time


Feb 24, 2011 01:23
This is a scam! Do not host with this company. They are a ripoff. They charge my card after I have canceled my account.


Feb 15, 2011 01:34
They stole $23.99 from me. I canceled the host because I couldn't do pretty much anything with the service. They limited to a website of just 6 pages. I couldn't use css or html without upgrading and couldn't add a forum page. It was to be made as another website. Also, they said the $23.99 was not refundable because they bought the domain for me and kept it for a year. That means I cannot remake the website with the same domain. They guaranteed money back. Then, they should give me back the money. What the scam! I think that they should be sued.

Allen Schultheiss

Feb 11, 2011 02:59
Ipage, as well as other hosting companies, state "unlimited" disk space. This isn't true. They do have a limit but you don't know what it is because their TOS refers to "normal use, section 13."

One day, you may receive a notice from the legal department stating that you have exceeded the disk space and will be terminated in three days if you don't reduce the size on disk.

Now, since you don't know how far over you are, then how do you know how much to remove? I spent almost two weeks buying more hosting from another company that states a hard size limit and then uploading to that server. All those days of uploading at 60K, the htaccess files and email accounts. I really don't have a word to express my contempt for Ipage.

I had over 10 sites...


Feb 09, 2011 09:25
At first, you think, well it's ok, quite easy to set up etc. Then you start uploading files.. ok.. after few weeks, the ftp becomes slow... sometime VERY slow.

Then, you host a Wordpress Blog... SO SLOW!!! you go back to the site... slow slow slow... DOWN !

You reach the customer support... "APOLOGY, the servers are down / we 're having a peak.. BLA BLA It won t happen again"

4 weeks later... SLOW SLOW --> Customer support: "APOLOGY BLA BLA"

If you want to host an E-commerce web site or any kind of web site where speed and availability is important.. just forget about Ipage. I truly would have prefer to pay twice more for a "normal" hosting company.

The customer service seems to be really good at saying that they a...


Apr 22, 2011 04:00
Cea mai proastă gazdă vreodată! Am peste 5 pagini de e-mailuri de alertă de eroare.
Mi-am început blogul în octombrie. Până atunci am folosit Arvixe, care nu a fost niciodată în jos, dar nu știam ce fac atunci. Am mers cu această companie, deoarece site-urile de recenzii o recomandau. Acum îmi dau seama că toți sunt afiliați. A fost doar o recenzie proastă și a fost o prostie și persoana a greșit. Am crezut că am lovit jackpotul. Când am început, a fost bine. Aș merge pe site-ul meu și ar fi în jos și aș suna la serviciul pentru clienți, iar aceștia își vor cere scuze spunând „Ne pare rău serverul nostru este în pană”. Am fost drăguț cu asta, dar de câte ori ar trebui să zboare? Rapid până acum - orice analiză a site-ului web pe care o primesc spune că site-ul meu este foarte lent (9 ...


Jun 03, 2020 11:03
Absolutely deadful service. I've used them for years and it was passable however now the customer service is non-existent and they do their best to scam you. It takes hours on chat to get anything done.

Rob Boyd

Nov 07, 2019 07:43
Absolute horrible customer service on all levels "if" you are able to get in touch with them. My website mysteriously vanished and without back up I had to re-build it.My experience with their billing practices is not good either, I recently had an email stating I would be billed $119 for something, absolutely no invoice etc to distinguish what it was. The only site I could associate it with (I have several hosted with them) was still prepaid, I contacted them several times requesting detail of what it was for. To my dismay I end up with 2 charges the original $119 and another for $133 that I have absolutely no idea what they are for. Still fighting these with credit card company.

Graham Willis

Dec 01, 2019 04:19
Saw all the terrible reviews which seem to be from users in the USA.For me in UK, service has been fine and price is unbeatable at just £1.50pm and over 3 years. Maintenance of website is easy using their File Manager.

Dee Gee

Dec 14, 2019 12:22
It's terrible! Yes upload time isn't that great! But, what got me is their live chat. You never know who you will get. Anyway I was having a problem with my blog page. He not only told me to delete a page and that my blog will not delete. He was wrong! Absolute statements are terrible when working on your website because you lose everything you worked on. Not only this, he just did a disappearing act and left me hanging with no blog page. Find someone else to host you.

Khanh Nguyen

Dec 18, 2019 11:06
Had a terrible experience with iPage. Purchased a bundle and tried to transfer my existing domain. Errors occured multiple times. Contacted useless support team to rectify the issue to no avail. In fact, they informed me I would need to pay money for this service (with no explanation for what the charge would be for), which is absolutely ridiculous. You can't seriously expect the customer to contact support when they find out they can not transfer the domain, and then charge them. That is absurd.I would definitely not use this service again, nor would I recommend this to my worst enemy, let alone a friend. I am in the process of getting fully refunded. Hopefully they don't charge for that too...0/5 stars.

Barry Murphy

Dec 20, 2019 12:18
Unreliable, unprofessional, extremely slow, dishonest, scammers, overcharging,.... the list goes on.I've no idea why anyone would use these pretenders. I'm fully convinced they're a one-man team. It takes an eternity to get through any problem on support/chat. It has to be a BOT because the replies are scripted. Even though the names might be different on chat your conversation will be the same, every time.They love using the word "Escalate" to make you think your issue will be dealt with quicker. Even if the issue is caused by their incompetence you will be treated like any other issue and turnaround for your ticket is 24-48 hours.After several issues with iPage that were all caused by their incompetence, none of them were fixed within 24 hours. All of them were closer to and ove...

Mark Valerio

Feb 12, 2020 09:33

jimmy smith

Feb 20, 2020 02:57
I joined I page and after 15 days I sent one final message to them and then gave up. They don't refund your domain transfer fee so I ended up £15 out of pocket!!!!I wish I had come here first. I didn't come here until about a week after I joined when I began to realise "something is far wrong with this company". Their facebook page is the same. Dysfunctional and in total disarray.Here is that last attempt.......Its been a week now since I reported problems with my SSL certificate which you have admitted is a fault at your end. I get told by support that they can replicate the fault but they cannot fix it so it will be escalated to your tech department. I am told it will take 24-48 hours. When 48 hours are up I get an email telling me the same thing and that it will take 48 hours t...

João Marques

Feb 29, 2020 10:37
In my experience, the hosting itself works and has a decent amount of functionality. But the billing part is extremely shady, with lots of hidden costs. For instance, they'll just hide the taxes part, letting you know that they'll bill you for an amount, but when you check the credit card, the amount will be far greater. I did not enjoy this lack of transparency, so I would recommend anyone that's budget conscious to be very careful with iPage.

Ibro Amarildo

Apr 13, 2020 01:12
is wery bad comany hawe very bad experience wih this

Versace Versace

Mar 23, 2020 08:31
Avoid this company , they will first sell you cheap hosting then cause virus in your website then try to sell you a malware removal software for £300 this is how they make up for cheap hosting , The customer service is poor and you have to speak to robots . Save time and money and go with someone else

Melania Trump

Apr 22, 2020 02:19
450 eur of my money was resrved for transfer due to ipage autorenewal I contacted them the same day via chat some of their reps just say "Yes, That Is Correct!" to everything, so just try chatting with another agent other than that I was happy with support I got the second agent was able to also refund the 100 eur tax portion In the end I got back 447 eur (so only 3 eur loss) So, I am very happy with how this turned outYes, their hosting is bad. So bad I thought my hosting plan had ended cos the site was down whenever i checked. But I rate them 5 stars on trust pilot Because they gave me back all my money altho I dont think they were legally obligated to do soIt is not a scam just because you don't read the agreement. It is not a scam just because you don't switch auto-renewal of...

Paul Carmen

May 13, 2020 11:01
Rubbish service, tools useless & clunky, slow, help out of date, make it very difficult to cancel - AVOID


May 17, 2020 01:21
It's never been very good, and now it's abysmal. Logging in is an ordeal which takes twenty minutes (If it works at all). Subsequent navigation to any other page in the dashboard is the same.This seems to have happened since the implementation of the new 'Domain Led Experience'. When we've contacted support, we have heard all of the excuses: 'Clear your browsers cache', 'Try another browser', even 'Change your ISP'. In the meantime, other websites and services are working just fine.Now I am receiving emails threatening to downgrade my account and park my domains, because I managed to remove y payment details from this unusable service.I can't even log in to transfer my domains away from iPage.I would ardently advise against getting into any kind of relationship with iPage, or ...


May 22, 2020 10:58
Highly NON RECOMMENDED fraud an unprofessional company!If you've got free time to waste and feel boredom than start relying on them.You will not receive a reliable service at all but will keep being busy with those extremely bad company.

Berrada Abderrahmane

May 26, 2020 08:32
Extremely bad compan, avoid this company

Paula Luxford

May 27, 2020 10:02
DO NOT TRUST YOUR DETAILS with this company. They commit fraud. I have gone in to cancel things with them and even unchecked automatic renewal so that they did not try and take my money because it had happened 3 times in the past. This time I cancelled the whole thing AND unchecked automatic renewal, but they took over £300 anyway, leaving me with no money in my account. I contacted them and they insisted I had not cancelled, they also insisted I had not unchecked automatic renewal. Every year I unchecked it and every year it went back to being on. Do not trust that the settings you set will stay that way, they will go in and change them, then tell you there is no record of you doing it! I have had to Ask them to delete all my personal details and my cards etc because I do not trust th...

kishore dahal

May 28, 2020 04:55
Ipage Service is the worst ever. They just suspend sites without informing. Many businesses lost consumers because of Ipage hosting policies which is disgusting. Not good for Startups either.

Alfredo J. M. Rodrigues

Jun 01, 2020 04:38
I have been with Ipage for around 7 years and the latest upgrade they have made to the backoffice, which was during the 1st Q of 2020, was the worst I have seen in every supplier of IT.Not only the options to access the most commom tasks had disapeared as several tools available for example in their website builber just vanished.Before when I contacted support, they would be very quick on resolving issues, now everytime they ask me to wait for 3-4 minutes for whatever reason and then after 3 minutes they come up with "I'm still checking this for you. I may need 2-4 more minutes. Thank you for the patience. " for a simple question about for example: "How can I insert new objects to pages on website buildes as I was able to do on the previous backoffice".I feel like they have downg...


Apr 22, 2020 06:21
The worst service I have ever had. When I did moved my website to them, they "forgot" to update the DNS and so my site remained on the old servers! I discovered it too late: One day the old hosting service erased the data on their disks. My website disappeared. I call iPage support. The person who answers me tries to make me pay 100 euros via email to his personal account to solve the problem!I call the support service a second time and another guy replies that they are sorry that their colleague has behaved in this way, but in any case they cannot restore my site because it is not present on their servers.I've lost everything. I had to rebuild all from zero. It was a disaster for my business. Lost 5000 euros.